Phase one of Hermes 5 CMS completed at Luxembourg Airport

Phase one implementation of Hermes 5 (H5) Cargo Management System (CMS) has been successfully completed at Luxembourg Airport.

Customised for LuxairCARGO, The H5 system processes a yearly total of one million tonnes of air freight providing operational enhancements and data analysis to one of the world’s busiest cargo hubs.

Executive Vice-President for LuxairCARGO, Laurent Jossart (pictured above), said: “For one inbound flight to Luxembourg Airport, there can be 20 different trucks which transport its payload onto the next leg of its journey. This tailored version of H5 will help handle one million tonnes of airfreight cargo a year and save significantly on time and costs.”

The central-European location of Luxembourg Airport plays a vital role in trucking routes across the continent, while the custom version of H5 implemented at Luxembourg Airport provides advanced trucking functionality.

The H5 upgrade also includes features including a new Customs interface, designed to help speed up cross-border Customs clearance, and a real-time tracking functionality and data analysis, which reduces delays and backlogs.

Hermes commenced the global distribution of H5 earlier in 2018 with the implementation of its CMS at ALS Cargo Terminal Co, Ltd at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi (HAN).