Hermes Airports facilitates travel with BorderXpress

Responding to the demands of today’s fast paced environment, Hermes Airports, the Cyprus Police and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, announce the introduction and operation of the “BorderXpress” interactive kiosks at Larnaka and Pafos international airports.

Through this high-level technology, each departing or arriving passenger in Cyprus will be in position to independently scan his or her identity card or passport as an intermediate step of the passport control procedure.

As part of the specific procedure, each passenger will receive a receipt which then should be presented at a predefined check point.  At this stage, the “BorderXpress” kiosks will be used only by EU citizens in arrivals, whereas at the exit immigration control all nationalities will be able to use the kiosks.

In total, 74 “BorderXpress” interactive kiosks have been installed at both international airports of Cyprus. At Larnaka Airport there are 44 automatic machines of which 18 are located in the departures area and 26 in the arrivals area. At Pafos Airport there are 30 machines of which 14 are located in the departures area and 16 in the arrivals area.

The “BorderXpress” kiosks have been innovated by the Vancouver Airport Authority. Their installation was made possible thanks to the close cooperation of the Vancouver Airport Authority’s specialists and the representatives of the Cyprus Police and Hermes Airports.

During a ceremony held at Larnaka Airport for the installation of the “BorderXpress” kiosks, Ms Vassiliki Anastassiadou, Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, said in her address that “due to this new infrastructure, the process of passport control is now significantly facilitated.

It is also anticipated that the operation of the ‘BorderXpress’ kiosks will generate substantial positive effects with regards to the level of service offered to the traveling public and the image of Cyprus internationally”, she said.

In her address, Ms Eleni Kaloyirou, Chief Executive Officer of Hermes Airports said that “since day one of our operations at Larnaka and Pafos airports, customer service was and remains to be, one of our main strategic priorities.

Our goal was and still is to be in position to offer an enhanced customer service, viewed through a holistic approach which includes the travelling experience of our passengers from the beginning to the end of their journey”, she said.

In his address Mr. Craig Richmond, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Airport Authority, said that “as the demand for air travel continues to increase, airports around the world must embrace and implement innovative technologies to solve critical passenger processing challenges.

BorderXpress kiosks will increase efficiencies and improve the overall passenger experience at Larnaka and Pafos airports while enhancing safety and security levels within the European Union”, he said.