Ground Handling

Hermes & Nallian empower Ground Handlers

Hermes Logistics has announced that they have teamed up with data sharing and connected cargo community specialist Nallian to provide Ground Handling Agents (GHA) with an end-to-end solution to digitalise and streamline their landside management processes.

The aim behind the collaboration is to empower the ground handler by joining our ecosystems together to give heightened control and increased efficiency through better customer experience and superior functionality.

Both Nallian’s landside management applications and our own Hermes New Generation (NG) Ecosystem solutions complement each other to elevate the final solutions.

HLT customers will benefit from additional services including:

  • A Slot Booking App, which connects handlers, freight forwarders, and trucking companies to coordinate pick-ups and drop offs, eliminating waiting times and flattening peaks and idle times, and a mobile Acceptance
  • A Delivery App, which gives truck drivers easy access to the booked slots assigned to them, enabling the real-time registration of all actions during the pick-up or drop-off process.

The Apps included in the HLT NG ecosystem product range enable GHAs to provide superior service through data sharing and tools to manage exception handling.

“The range enables access to Business Intelligence and Datalakes and NG Track&Trace, which are all designed to maximise the GHA’s profit by giving access to data and supply chain visibility,” a Hermes statement read.

“Our collaboration will help ground handlers to enjoy the benefits of digitalisation in their extended processes, enabling them to do more with the same infrastructure.

“The apps have been built with and for air cargo stakeholders and aim at giving as many cargo actors as possible access to best-in-class solutions and the benefits of digitalisation”.