Ground Handling

Iberia Airport Services Will Supply Handling to more than 100 Airlines this Summer

In May, Iberia Airport Services attended a total of some 1.7 million passengers and more than 8,700 flights, still about 70% below the figures for the same month of 2019.

But the Spanish airline group’s airport handling unit also signed 12 new clients for a total of some 100 this year.

12 New Clients

The new clients include scheduled airlines such as Swiss, TAP, Vietnam Airlines, and World2fly; charter carriers line Jettime and One Airways; luxury flight specialists such as Luxwing; and holiday operators such as Switzerland’s Chair..

Key factors in winning these new clients were the handling unit’s flexibility and adaptability to all requirements, both in Madrid and in Spain’s other 28 airports.

The business provided by these 100 clients, plus those of the IAG to which Iberia belongs, will enable Iberia Airport Services to recover some 80% of the peak-day volume it attained in 2019 during the keys months of July and August.

On peak days the unit, staffed by 7,000 people, will supply airport handling services to more than 1,000 flights, for which it is bringing on line its entire fleet of some 8,000 ground vehicles in Spanish airports, many of which were mothballed during the pandemic.