Incheon Airport first to pass new ACI World customer-experience test

By Edward Robertson

Incheon Airport has broken new ground having become the first airport to reach the new level of ACI World’s Airport Customer Experience Accreditation programme.

The airport was already a level 3 accredited airport in 2020 when it agreed to take part in a pilot programme for the new level 4 categorisation.

Now, following a virtual inspection due to the constraints of Covid-19, it has been granted the new tier as it seeks to recover passengers in the wake of the pandemic.

ACI World director general Luis Felipe de Oliveira said: “Incheon already has a strong record in customer experience management, and we were grateful for their participation in the pilot of Level 4 of the Airport Customer Experience Accreditation programme.

“As the aviation industry continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and prepares to support a sustained recovery, meeting the changing needs and expectations of customers will be ever more important and we congratulate Incheon on being the first airport in the world to achieve this level of accreditation.”

Incheon Airport president and CEO Kyung Wook KIM added: “We are proud to be recognized as the first Level 4 accredited airport in the world and it is our honour to participate and contribute to the development of the Level 4 – Airport Customer Experience Accreditation programme.

“The programme provides a true 360° view of airport customer experience management. Incheon will continue to improve its best-in-class customer experience by providing a new and pleasant experience to customers and by adopting advanced technologies in all areas of airport operations based on innovative thinking.”

The programme is designed with five levels of accreditation and the pilot phase of the final level – Level 5 – is expected in 2022.