Incheon International Airport to enhance gate performance with ADB SAFEGATE

Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) has selected ADB SAFEGATE to upgrade gate operations at Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. The airport will replace the existing aircraft parking system with ADB SAFEGATE’s state-of-the-art Safedock Type 1 Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS).

The scope also includes expansion of ADB SAFEGATE’s control and monitoring system, already installed at Terminal 2, to enable integration with several external systems. With this, the airport will streamline gate and apron operations and use a single control system for the docking systems at Terminal 1 and its upcoming Terminal 2.

Incheon International Airport accounts for more than 42% of total passenger traffic in South Korea, making it the country’s busiest airport. The airport experiences poor weather conditions for nearly half the year, which result in considerable yet avoidable flight delays. The airport’s previously installed camera-based docking system, at its existing Terminal T1, faced visibility issues under fog and heavy rain; this hampered the visibility of the guidance display to pilots and made it difficult for the system to identify the aircraft.

IIAC selected ADB SAFEGATE to upgrade gate and apron management systems at Terminal 1. Prior to this, the company had supplied 51 Safedock Type 1 A-VDGS with a gate control and monitoring system to IIAC in 2015 for the airport’s Terminal 2, which is scheduled to commence operations this month.

As part of the new deal, ADB SAFEGATE will supply another 44 Safedock Type 1 A-VDGS to replace the camera-based systems at Terminal 1. The company will also provide training, commissioning and testing services. ADB SAFEGATE’s consortium partner DAEBO Communication & System Co. will install the A-VDGS and supply Aircraft Stand Indication Signs, gate control and monitoring system extension hardware, Enterprise Application Integration, and undertake gantry work.

The crucial selection criteria set by IIAC was based on past performance of A-VDGS projects, with bidders providing IIAC at least ten customer testimonials. ADB SAFEGATE’s Safedock performs exceedingly well on guidance display visibility during poor weather and its 3D laser technology provides the most accurate stop position in all conditions.

In addition, ADB SAFEGATE provides potential to further streamline gate and apron operations by offering other Safedock functionality such as analytics, Gap Filler for tracking aircraft in the gate area, pushback support and support for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) on the apron through SafeControl Apron Management (SAM).

With the expanded gate control and monitoring system, Incheon International Airport will need only one control system for all the A-VDGS installed at both terminals. The expansion will include external system integration with the airport’s Flight Information Management System (FIMS), Airfield Lighting (AFL), Master Clock and Aircraft Operations Monitoring System (AOMS) through Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

Additionally, a new tool for incident investigation purposes will also be installed. The tool will provide a video recording of every docking that can be played back for investigation purposes in the event of an incident. The tool will also provide necessary parameter information; namely aircraft speed, stop bar closing range distance, azimuth guidance and more. Overall, this project will improve gate efficiency and throughput in all operating conditions, saving cost and time while also enhancing safety.

“Gate operations are a critical element of overall airport performance, and we look forward to helping IIAC achieve significant improvement. Their belief in our best-in-class 3D laser scan technology for docking, a strong sales effort by our APAC central team and our ability to partner locally and provide superior services helped us secure the deal.

Our local representative Poong Sung & Company and our consortium partner DAEBO are on the ground fervently monitoring the projects at both Terminal 1 and 2, and seamlessly coordinating with IIAC and the Internal Project Team,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE.

The installation and commissioning of the project has commenced and will be completed by August 2018.