Innovation enters airports – SYN TRAC, Austria

The GSE community, gathering at GSE Expo Paris, where leading GSE suppliers at IAEMA meet their audience for quality dialogs, is challenged with finding new technologies and machines, providing safety & efficiency while simultaneously preserving resources. SYN TRAC, made in Austria, a new, high-end vehicle category can deliver solutions. The Austrian manufacturer, founded in 2016, has developed a system & equipment carrier, showcasing at stand EX61 and proofing the beneficial aspects daily at 13 pm at the Demo Zone in Paris.

The results of years of R&D meet in a system & equipment carrier that appeal to both immediate users and financial decision makers. The well thought-out technology provides systems that create overall better working conditions among others for municipalities, contractors, road maintenance, motorway maintenance and now the GSE community.

Technological core: docking system – patented & advanced technology

One of the technological cores in the SYN TRAC is the self-developed and patented docking system. It enables the safest & fastest retrofitting of applications worldwide. Any attachment can be connected, docked, to use the company’s wording, at SYN TRAC‘s front and rear within one minute. Seven connection areas, namely mechanics, hydraulics, PTO shaft, final drive, electrics, electronics and compressed air are automatically coupled within one minute. The driver stays in the cab during the whole docking process and changes safely and quickly from one attachment to the next. Manual intervention from outside the vehicle is not necessary when changing applications, the danger zone remains free of people. Changeover times, that normally take several hours are reduced to a fraction, in particular one minute, regardless of which attachment is changed. The user has more time available in which he/she can pursue the main fields of activity his/her work requires. The preparation for the work assignments and the work itself is done easier, faster and safer.

The vehicle control is identically assigned to the same joystick, user-friendly and efficient. The SYN TRAC recognises the attachment when docked and is ready-to-use. An optimised, integrative system solution is immediately operational.

Outstanding combinations of high-tech

The SYN TRAC’s maximum driving speed is 80 kph, a 420 PS Caterpillar motor with hydrostatic, mechanic CVT transmission and high/low driving positions achieves 3.400 Nm power at front and rear for heavy working scenarios. The available steering modes front-wheel, all-wheel and crab steering grant flexible manoeuvring in all terrains, with a turning radius of 4,5 m – which is less than that of small cars. The special engine-transmission layout ensures a low centre of gravity and makes a balanced system available, where the Tatra axles with independent suspension, carry an identical weight of 6 tons. Panoramic view due to the comfortable cabin guarantees safety and best insight into the operational zone.

The innovation yields savings potentials of various resources, to name two: time & machines. As a result SYN TRAC’s clients profit of more efficient use of staff, fleet and therefore save costs. All that while simultaneously providing a safer and easier-to-handle working environment. For the first time the GSE community has the opportunity to gain an impression of SYN TRAC in action.

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