An all-round view

Kent, UK-based Brigade Electronics offers a range of systems for vehicles, including GSE, that optimise performance and maximise safety by offering 360-degree vision around the vehicle. Group marketing services manager Dale Luckhurst explains how the Backeye®360 system can provide an all-round view for motorised GSE operators


How is the Backeye®360 system particularly useful for operators of airport GSE?
Backeye®360 provides a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle/machine it is fitted to, thus eliminating all blind spots and reducing the danger of vehicle and ground staff incidents. For airport GSE I would say this represents a vital piece of safety equipment, considering the mix of people on foot and vehicles in a reasonably small area around an aircraft or depot when loading/unloading.

Do you have many GSE operators that are currently customers of the system? Are these handlers or self-handling airlines, or even airport operators?
There is a mixture of customer types, including:
• Operators of various cabin/catering trucks
• Rosenbauer employs the Backeye®360 for its Panther fire truck
• Gate Gourmet in Norway has vehicles fitted with camera systems
• Fraikin in France, as above
• LGS Sky Chefs in Italy uses Backeye®360 and radar systems
• AVIOGEI in Italy uses Backeye®360 systems on the vehicles sold to some of its customers across Europe

Do you regard the airport market as an important (and growing) one for you and for the Backeye®360?
Absolutely, any industry sector that has a high mix of people and vehicles is important to us. Not only to avoid collisions between vehicles and people, but also vehicles and other objects, especially when negotiating between other vehicles, street furniture and other possible obstructions.

Has Backeye®360 been employed in a wide range of applications?
Backeye®360 is an adaptable piece of safety equipment which can be fitted to almost any vehicle type and shape without the need for specific industry version/kits. Brigade’s core markets are in road haulage, construction and quarry and mining. Other Brigade systems span these three core industries and many more that we operate in across the world.