Airside Winter 2019

AVIOGEI shows off its electric portfolio

On the AVIOGEI Airport Equipment stand in Munich were a number of different items from the Italian GSE supplier’s extensive product range, sharing one common factor: they are all electrically powered

Front and centre on the company’s outdoor stand was AVIOGEI’s Thunderlift E, the lithium-ion battery-powered ambulift variant of its popular Thunderlift vehicle for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). It now comes with a newly designed operator’s control panel, while the ambulift’s charger unit is now carried within the chassis of the vehicle for ease of recharging.

Solar panels on top of the unit offer another source of power that currently feeds into the main battery, although – says international business development & marketing manager Massimiliano Martone – in the future the Thunderlift E will have a separate solar-powered battery that can be used to power the vehicle’s air conditioning system, thereby allowing the AC’s use in hot climates while not depleting the main battery.

This particular ambulift was on its way to Stuttgart Airport after the show. More details of the Thunderlift and Thunderlift E can be found in the PRM feature of this issue of Airside.

Also on the AVIOGEI stand was an example of the company’s NT280EH towable conveyor belt, but one that has been specially modified for use by American Airlines. This particular airline wanted some limited alterations made, including changes to the belt’s elevation system to add even greater stability.

The unit is “very quiet, very efficient”, says Martone. Able to operate for up to three days on a single charge of its 24V system, sales on the NT280EH have been good, he says.

The NT280EH has an operational reach of between 0.8m and 2.8m, and a loading capacity of 150kg per minute. Its belt width is 0.6m.

The AVIOGEI NS450LE electric self-propelled belt loader was also on display. It is now available with a redesigned operator’s cabin area, including new control panel and steering wheel. “We keep on improving all our GSE,” says Martone.

It too has a belt width of 0.6m, with an operating reach of between 1.1m and 4.5m. Its loading capacity, like that of the NT280EH is 150kg per minute, but it works off an 80V power supply. Its maximum speed is 30km/h.

Also on show was an NT280E towable belt loader with a side standing driving position to improve the operator’s view looking forward and enable easier handling of the equipment.

Elsewhere on the stand was the TVP7000 electric transporter/loader. All set to be transported to its operator at Rome Fiumicino Airport straight after inter airport, the TVP7000 has a loading capacity of up to 7 tonnes. It has a maximum speed of 30km/h and works from an 80V power supply.