Airside Winter 2019

Buyer’s Assessment: SriLankan Airlines

Saman Perera, manager – operations of SriLankan Catering (SLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of SriLankan Airlines that offers airline catering from its base at Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport, is happy with the performance of the service provider’s recently acquired Timsan catering trucks

SLC serves all the airlines that operate to Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport, as well as providing a range of services for the airport’s lounges and restaurants, including catering, laundry and restaurant management.

SLC was launched in 1979 as ‘Air Lanka Catering Services’, a joint venture between Air Lanka and Thai Airways. In 1998, the company became the fully owned subsidiary of SriLankan Airlines and it was subsequently rebranded in 2000 as SriLankan Catering.

In its role as an airline catering service provider, SLC has 20 catering trucks – including two catering trucks that it bought from Timsan, the Istanbul, Turkey-headquartered GSE manufacturer. The Timsan vehicles are CT 5800 units on a MAN chassis.

Those two units have been in operation with SLC at Bandaranaike since August this year and already, says Perera, the operator has had positive feedback from users about the trucks.

He describes them using terms like “sophisticated” and of “quality” and – as good evidence of this – points out that SLC has already placed an order with Timsan for two more catering trucks.

The supplier has provided good after-sales support, Perera adds, confirming that he has been more than happy to work with Timsan.