Airside Winter 2019

Elaflex stays ahead of the game

Fuelling hose, couplings and nozzle supplier Elaflex is augmenting and improving its portfolio of products on an ongoing basis as the needs of the on-airport fuelling business change. It was exhibiting some of these innovations on the company’s booth at inter airport

Ulf Peemöller, sales director at the Hamburg-based manufacturer, was on hand in Munich to discuss the company’s latest product offerings.

Elaflex is an international market leader in Europe for aviation refuelling hoses and nozzles, he asserts, but the company is continuing to develop its product line to benefit from new technologies and to react to changing market demands.

For example, it has reacted to the introduction of new unleaded fuels, such as Sweden’s UL91 (‘UL’ stands for unleaded), by launching a specialist over-wing nozzle – the ZVF 50 UL – to cater to the specialist needs of such UL fuels.

Its standard ZVF 50 is suitable for all jet and avgas fuel types, providing over-wing fuelling for both aircraft and helicopters. Of low weight, it has a light lever action and easily rotating swivel. It offers a high flow rate alongside a low pressure drop, while a sensitive flow control allows for easy top-up of fuel. Colour coding of the nozzle avoids mistakes in fuelling (black for jet fuel and red for avgas, with green for unleaded). Integrated bumpers prevent aircraft damage.

Elaflex has introduced a new corresponding ZVF 50 nozzle boot – the NB-ZVF 50 SR with an additional spout retainer – that facilitates the safe stowage of refuelling equipment on a refueller or dispenser after completion of the aircraft fuelling process. The driver/operator of the refuelling vehicle cannot move away if the nozzle and the second spout have not been correctly stowed in place aboard the vehicle.

Elaflex has also extended its product range by adding hose reels that can be customised for every client’s own particular needs, says Peemöller. The reels can be used with mobile refuelling equipment as well as for fixed installations next to dispensers at airports. They are modular and designed to meet different space and other requirements. Grounding reels are also available with earthing and bonding function for on-airfield use.

Newly developed hose trolleys also support the company’s widening product range. They are designed for the safe and easy movement of DN 100 refuelling hoses on refuellers or dispensers.

Elaflex takes a stake in Aljac

Earlier this summer, Elaflex confirmed that it had acquired a shareholding in Middlesex, UK-based Aljac Fuelling Components, a specialist supplier of aviation refuelling systems and equipment that offers its own products as well as those of other international manufacturers.

According to a statement from Elaflex regarding Aljac: “Its product range is one of the widest in the aviation refuelling industry and is underpinned by premium quality branded products from internationally respected manufacturers, and by a wide range of its own products.”

“This partnership takes Aljac to the next level of our development and will bring about a tremendous improvement in the global support of our product range,” said Dave Smith, managing director of Aljac. “The combined resources of Elaflex and Aljac will generate a lot of added value for our clients.”

Stefan Kunter, managing director of Elaflex, added: “Our product and customer structures complement each other well and bring together respected products in the fuel handling world.

“This allows us to further expand our expertise for the benefit of our customers. Equally important, both our companies share similar values and goals. We are a committed partner to our customers and constantly improve our premium quality approach.”

Aljac will continue to operate independently.