Hitting the heights

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Vienna, Austria-based Bulmor Airground Technologies had an all-new fully electric ambulift on its stand in the outdoor area at inter airport. The FrontBull ambulift is designed for smaller, regional airports and enjoys a number of features that will, said Bulmor sales manager Konrad Gruber, make it stand out from the crowd

Based on its bigger brother – Bulmor’s flagship SideBull ambulift that has been in operation at numerous airports for many years – the FrontBull is a more compact vehicle designed for operations at smaller airports. It has a turning radius of just 4.65m but, despite its small size, has a roomy interior, with a sliding front door offering significant space saving. It can comfortably carry two wheelchair users and two accompanying passengers.

​Speed is another characteristic of the FrontBull, Gruber asserted. Driving and lifting at the same time – without stabilisers required – allows the FrontBull to be docked to an aircraft quickly as well as safely. The lift reaches up to 5.7m, enabling the FrontBull to serve all aircraft types. The passenger cabin can be lowered completely down to floor level.

​The single driver/operator at the front of the vehicle benefits from large windows all around, ensuring good 360-degree visibility. The FrontBull is also said by Bulmor to be of robust design and construction.

​Fully electric, the FrontBull is powered by a 48V lead-acid battery or, optionally, a lithium-ion battery power pack. It has an operating time of between four and six hours.

​It gives a very smooth ride, while its aesthetic, modern design is pleasing to users and onlookers alike, Gruber suggested. The vehicle that was on show and undertaking on-board demonstrations at inter airport for those interested in the new unit is the only one of its type at the moment.

​Beginning in 2018, the FrontBull will begin tests at various European airports, Gruber informed.