Airside Winter 2019

MC Solutions looks to fibre optics for further efficiencies

MC Solutions is a Milan-based supplier of a modular system for ground lighting and surface guidance monitoring. It is offering a new fibre optic-based Modular Intelligence Airport product for greater safety and efficiency in a gateway’s airside ground lighting environment

At inter airport, MC Solutions was particularly interested in showcasing its Modular Intelligence Airport (MIA) solution for airfield ground lighting (AGL) and surface guidance control that makes use of the latest fibre optic technology.

Being modular, MIA can be adapted to meet airport’s differing requirements. It offers remote monitoring and testing of an AGL system, with high-speed connectivity and low maintenance, and incorporates an aircraft detection system that can highlight any runway incursions as part of a wider surface management ground control system. This technology need only ever be calibrated once – on installation.

A state-of-the-art fibre optic MIA system has been installed at Italy’s Venice Marco Polo Airport. There, MC Solutions’ MIA is monitoring the performance of more than 1,000 of the Monitor Control Lamp Optical (MCLO) modules that control the airport’s airfield lights.

This fibre optic design is a development of the company’s longstanding copper wire-based AGL monitoring system that is in place at a number of other Italian air gateways.

The module with fibre optic data transmission has a worldwide patent pending, evidence – a spokesperson says – that the company “deeply believes in this new technology as opposed to power line data communication, and for this reason has decided to invest in this direction”.

MC Solutions offers support to its airport customers24 hours a day for handling any urgent issues.