Newbow builds on HYDRO partnership

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Redditch, UK-based GSE manufacturer Newbow Aerospace has benefited from a partnership deal signed a couple of years ago with HYDRO Systems of Germany;
the arrangement has offered Newbow a number of new revenue streams

The partnership with Biberach-headquartered HYDRO, which is now into its third year, has seen the latter supply Newbow-manufactured GSE into its existing client portfolio as well as 14 new clients across 12 different countries. According to Newbow – which design, manufactures and supplies GSE and tooling for commercial and defence aviation customers worldwide – growing demand for customised GSE solutions has also been a key factor in the increased sales activity that it has enjoyed over that same period.

HYDRO offers solutions for maintenance, repair and assembly of civil and military aircraft. Its GSE is designed to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), airlines and maintenance facilities around the world.

​Marc Green, sales director at Newbow, explains: “We have been supporting aviation for over 50 years and are delighted that our strategic partnership with HYDRO Systems KG goes from strength to strength.

“As the next generation of commercial and defence aircraft continues to grow, there is becoming an increasing demand for bespoke ground support equipment solutions which Newbow Aerospace can competently design, manufacture and supply.”


Peter Prinz, managing director and speaker of the executive board of HYDRO, adds: “Our ambition is that our products set standards with uncompromising safety, total functionality, reliability, longevity and user-friendliness. Newbow supports us in being the one-stop-shop to our customers.”

​Ongoing growth

The partnership with HYDRO is just one of the strategies that has allowed Newbow to grow, explains managing director Ron Wilson. For example, he informs: “Newbow Aerospace is expanding its in-house bespoke design capability, recognising the need for tailored bespoke GSE solutions. This commitment demonstrates that Newbow Aerospace is making gains in the GSE marketplace with high-performance and affordable customised solutions.”

​HYDRO is key, however. “Being in a strategic partnership with HYDRO allows the high-quality, cost-effective GSE lines manufactured by Newbow Aerospace to reach new and existing clients located worldwide,” Wilson observes. “In addition, Newbow Aerospace has been supplying equipment into the aviation industry for more than 50 years and our clients can be confident that their equipment can be serviced and supported globally by utilising the HYDRO service network.”

​HYDRO offers Newbow-manufactured equipment including aircraft wheel and brake change trailers, nitrogen carts, oxygen carts, wheel storage solutions, and strut and tyre inflation equipment. “Alongside this, customised GSE solutions have formed a large part of both companies’ capabilities,” says Wilson.

​“These specific products have great synergy and complement the existing HYDRO manufactured product lines. In addition to this, Newbow Aerospace is authorised within the partnership to offer HYDRO-manufactured equipment so the overall partnership works well in both directions.”

​Newbow currently supports more than 300 active customers and welcomes – on average – a new customer each month. Some of the longstanding customers who use its GSE include Airbus, Air Europa, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, SR Technics and Storm Aviation.

​Ongoing quality improvement is as much a focus as taking on more clients, however.

​“Newbow Aerospace operates a continuous improvement programme which seeks to reduce costs and increase performance,” Wilson remarks. “The cost savings can be passed on to the end user providing best value for money solutions. We have introduced new product lines including new lightweight wheel trailers and multi-purpose wheel storage systems.”


The GSE world is changing, and Newbow is changing along with it. “The biggest trend we see with GSE procurement is that of customised solutions,” Wilson says. “Over the past 18 to 24 months, above and beyond our standard product range, we have developed eight different variants of aircraft wheel and brake change trailers and four additional variants of nitrogen service carts.

​“The base products are more than suitable for any aircraft type and maintenance task, but we find each individual user requires their own slight requirement and this is something we accommodate.”

​He continues: “Having recently invested in the latest state-of-the-art CAD [computer-aided design] software, a temperature-controlled calibration lab and migrated to the latest ISO9001:2015 revision, Newbow Aerospace is ensuring it will be at the forefront of supporting these bespoke GSE requirements now and in the future.”