Winter 2023

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Winter 2023

Welcome to the Winter 2023 edition of Airside International in which we cover airfield lighting, de-icing, snow clearance and sustainable GSE, and review inter airport Europe 2023 and International GSE Expo, two of the largest aviation exhibitions.
With sustainability at the forefront of these events, we spoke with several electric GSE manufacturers across the two expos about the new products they are offering, and how they evaluate the future of the markets.
In detail, we interview key players who say there are great infrastructure challenges to overcome before the industry, on a global scale, can fully electrify.
We talk to airports and airfield lighting manufacturers about the shifting technology driving the AGL markets forward.

Further, we sat down with one airfield lighting maintenance expert who is calling on regulators to enforce greater compliance with their infrastructure, in order to ramp up safety and maximise the efficiency of airports’ operations.
In this latest edition, under our new team of dedicated journalists, Airside also explores the importance of maintaining high levels of standards and training to ensure airport operators are safe, competent and compliant on the tarmac.

And as the weather gets chillier – here in the UK, at least – we return to de-icing and snow clearance, in which we learn from airports about how they go about de-icing and anti-icing their aircraft and ensure that airside areas are kept clear of snow and ice so that aircraft can keep flying, respectively.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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