Istanbul Airport officially opens today; CEO delivers message

The Grand Opening of İstanbul New Airport opens today, 29 October 2018, Turkish National Day, and the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

The CEO of the airport, Kadri Samsunlu has offered a comment on today’s historic opening.

“Offering upwards of 350 destinations, the new gateway to Istanbul is already competitively positioned as one of the world’s leading air transport hubs.

It is also the first to be created in the 21st century, and therefore benefits from the best-available technologies, a hugely efficient passenger experience, and a complete blend of ‘global and local’ shopping and eating choices.”

“Everything is contained in a single terminal which itself makes an important architectural contribution to the great city of Istanbul.

Besides its modern facilities, comforts, and unrivalled connectivity, İstanbul New Airport has the capacity and security to keep growing, and growing in a sustainable way, far into the future.”

“Myself, all the staff of İGA, and all our partners and stakeholders, all look forward with pride to warmly welcoming the world to İstanbul New Airport, from where everyone truly will have a great flight.”