Kansai Airports seeks enhancement of paxex through digitalisation

Kansai Airports in Japan is embracing digitilisation in a significant way in order to improve passenger experience, the operator’s general manager recently told a technology publication.

As Japan takes its tourism boom in its stride, its airports are turning towards digital technology in order to improve the experience for all passengers.

Pascal Pipon, general manager at Kansai Airports, which operates the airports serving the cities of Osaka, Kobo and Kyoto, stated to Gigabit magazine that “we’ve secured a comfortable budget to invest in tomorrow’s IT and digital solutions.”

“We aim to make the passenger journey as peaceful, easy and stress-free as possible. We will be leveraging digital solutions, such as self-service, mobile services and biometry, in order to achieve seamless travel. We want to integrate all steps of the passenger journey within one complete digital experience.”

“Our task is to centralise and consolidate all flight data and resources from the airports, automate operational processes to facilitate decision making”.

The growth of tourism in the country and accomidating for foreign toursits is central to Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe’s economic growth policy.

The government in the country wishes to continue to grow tourism ahead of Tokyo’s hosting of the 2020 summer and Paralympic games.