Klagenfurt airport renews: all machines and vehicles in an online auction

Various machines and vehicles from the Austrian airport Klagenfurt will be auctioned online via the Troostwijk Auctions platform.

Among other things, sweepers, (snow) shovels, trucks and mobile aircraft stairs will be auctioned. The auction is currently open for bids. The auction closes at 11:00 on Thursday, October 21, 2021.

From airport buses for people, snowploughs and luggage carts to trucks and trailers.

This auction of vehicles and machines from Klagenfurt Airport has everything to provide a small airport.

This auction offers truly unique machines in excellent condition.

Klagenfurt Airport

In Austrian Carinthia, the state’s capital is home to one of the country’s smaller airports: Klagenfurt Airport.

It’s also known as Flughafen Klagenfurt, Kärnten Airport and Alpe-Adria-Airport, but they’re all on the same runway a few kilometres north of Klagenfurt.

A second life

Klagenfurt Airport is going to replace all its machines and vehicles.

The used machines are up for auction – which are still in excellent condition – via the international auction platform of Troostwijk Auctions.

The machines and vehicles are given a second life by being auctioned off instead of tossed on the scrap heap.

The online auction of the airport equipment includes five combination lots, in which a blower, sweeper, truck and snowplough are auctioned together. View one of the five combination lots here.