Liege Airport and the Forem offering industry training to support 430 new jobs

Liege Airport and the Forem join forces as part of the airport’s continuing development and in response to the personnel needs of handling companies. The partnership is arranging training courses to meet human resources needs and as a result, 430 local job seekers will have the opportunity to find employment.

The first courses will train cargo warehouse agents during an eight-week training course, at the Centre de compétence Forem Logistique Liège (Skills Centre Forem Logistics Liege), concluding with a four-week work placement with LACHS, Aviapartner or Swissport, who are all actively involved.

Luc Partoune, chief executive officer of Liege Airport, said: “The mission for Liege Airport is to encourage economic activity and we are clearly changing our scope.  Due to both the growth of our existing operators and the arrival of new companies and enterprises, there is an ever-increasing demand for specific roles. Working with the Forem, we are committed to assisting all companies working on the airport site.”

Once the trainee has completed the program, he or she will have a full fork-lift operator qualification, leaving with any skills and knowledge necessary for employment. Every 5 weeks, a group of 12 candidates will embark on the training course, meeting airport requirements for qualified personnel.

Marie-Kristine Vanbockestal, general director of Forem, said: “The entire airport is like an economic lung breathing its dynamism into the Liege region. For more than 20 years now, Forem has played its part in welcoming foreign investors by promoting the local workforce and supporting the growth of companies at the airport by offering integrated services: recruitment, advice on employment and training grants as well as organising customised training courses which lead to qualifications”.

Pierre-Yves Jeholet, vice president of Walloon government and minister for economic affairs, industry, research, innovation, digital technology, and employment and training, said that too many companies in Wallonia are hampered in their development due to a lack of trained personnel, while at the same time many people are seeking work.

Photo credit: Liege Airport