London firm launches ‘cyber solution’ for airports

Willis Towers Watson has introduced CyFly for Airports, an ‘innovative and flexible’ insurance solution tailored to cover cyber exposures affecting airports around the globe.

CyFly for Airports provides the following extensive coverages not found to be incorporated into current traditional cyber policies:

  • Business interruption arising from outages sustained by third parties upon whose networks airports rely, such as air navigation service providers, hangar operators and maintenance operators.
  • Regulatory costs and fines under cyber security legislation, (such as the EU Network & Information Systems Directive) rather than just data protection legislation
  • Broad system failure business interruption extending to any unplanned outages, rather than those arising only from hacks or negligence
  • Voluntary system shut-downs to mitigate business interruption exposures
  • Claims preparation costs to avoid the delay and expense ordinarily associated with business interruption claims
  • Deemed insurability language, aiding recovery of both data protection (e.g. GDPR) and cyber security (e.g. NISD) fines

Jamie Monck-Mason Executive Director, Cyber & TMT, Willis Towers Watson, said “CyFly for Airports has been specifically designed to respond to the cyber risk concerns of our airport clients.

They recognise that it is not only their own IT systems that can be vulnerable but that the human element and third party suppliers can also create risk.  Traditional cyber coverages do not include many of the benefits that CyFly for Airports can include cover.

With our in-depth understanding of the human element of risk, in conjunction with feedback and data from clients, we are developing a suite of industry-specific cyber solutions.”