Lufthansa apologises after injured passenger, mother and child left trapped in Munich airport

Lufthansa has admitted a number of errors led to an injured passenger, mother and small child becoming trapped in a stairwell at Munich airport.

The passengers, whom were waiting for their plane to Heathrow to depart, were left stuck in the stairwell as the plane took off.

The incident, which occurred in December of last year, involved Annabel Williams, a vocal coach who had a knee injury and required assistance. While other passengers boarded a transfer bus for the flight to Heathrow, Williams and the mother and child were led to a lift.

After walking into a stairwell, it was said that the employee in charge of assisting the passengers then left the passengers in the stairwell.

Ground staff said the passengers were untraceable, explaining the difficulty in locating them in the stairwell.

The captain subsequently decided to leave without the passengers. The German airline said it has apoligised for the event.