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Lufthansa Technik in partnership with Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Extensive cooperation covers components for the EUMEA and APAC regions

Lufthansa Technik AG and the American component manufacturer Crane Aerospace & Electronics have agreed on a cooperation covering component supply for Europe, the Near and Middle East and Africa

(EUMEA) as well as Asia Pacific (APAC). Lufthansa Technik will support the urgent supply of a number of components to all customers in these regions on Crane’s behalf.

The cooperation was initially concluded for a term of five years and covers in particular all the components and systems for the strongly growing fleets of the Boeing 737 (NG and MAX) and Airbus A320

(ceo/neo) aircraft families, including, for instance, pumps, valves and wheel speed transducers.

In the event of unplanned technical problems such as Aircraft on Ground (AOG) or work stoppage where Crane is unable to meet the customer’s timeline, Lufthansa Technik supports the customer using their worldwide logistic network and stocking locations to supply Crane components fastest possible on-site. In the EUMEA or APAC region customers can contact either Crane or Lufthansa Technik directly for support.

“Lufthansa Technik’s cooperation with Crane Aerospace & Electronics guarantees optimum urgent supply for our future joint customers,”

says Eckhard Freimuth, Senior Manager Aerospace Industry Projects at Lufthansa Technik.

Brian Barrett, Vice President – Aftermarket at Crane Aerospace & Electronics, adds: “I’m convinced that Lufthansa Technik will be an ideal partner with Crane to provide excellent service and a worldwide network enabling our customers in EUMEA and APAC to be supplied quickly with the components they need. Crane and Lufthansa Technik will continue to evaluate our customer’s needs and discuss further cooperation as required.”