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Lufthansa Technik puts long-haul tail dock into operation at Munich

On 20th June 2018 Lufthansa Technik AG put a new a tail dock in operation at its Munich base.

According to the airline, it invested over two million euros in the new infrastructure.

The dock is used for maintenance work on the aircraft types Airbus A330, A340 and A350.

The dock facilitates maintenance work at the rear of long-haul aircraft, as it makes the vertical and horizontal stabilizer and the auxiliary power unit, APU, easier to access.

It also allows different work packages to be carried out simultaneously. The dock is 28.5 meters wide, 21 meters deep and 20.7 meters high. The weight is 125 tons.

“After two years of project phase and three months of construction time, the tail dock enables more efficient and safe handling of the work packages and is an investment in the future of long-haul maintenance operations at the Munich base”, says Holger Beck, Senior Director Aircraft Line Maintenance Munich.