Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport awarded ISO 50001

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport has been awarded the ISO 50001 certification by AFNOR in recognition of commitment made by operator Aéroports de Lyon to control energy management and the improvement of its energy performance.

With sustained traffic growth and the continued development of its infrastructure, the airport has been implementing a transformative action plan for several years to reduce and improve its environmental impact.

Aeroports de Lyon works in accordance with Airpact, the global environmental strategy defined by Vinci Airports for all its airports and has adopted a robust action plan to reduce its environmental impact, including overall energy consumption.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport has also been developing rapidly to anticipate the changing needs of the surrounding regions. Over the last 10 years, passenger traffic has increased by 52 per cent. To meet the rising demand, the airport has increased the surface area of its buildings by 46 per cent.

All the efforts that have already been made by Aéroports de Lyon have allowed for the exponential growth of the airport’s traffic, without compromising its overall energy consumption level. This level remains stable, despite continuous growth, with only a total increase of 6.9% recorded.

Since 2011, Aéroports de Lyon has only used 100 per cent green energy and has been the first French airport to do so. In order to achieve this, profound changes have been implemented.

These commitments stretch from a commitment from Aéroports de Lyon staff to turning off electrical equipment when it is not in use (PCs, lights, heaters, etc.), through to structural investments such as the design and insulation of buildings, transformation and overhaul of lighting terminals with LEDs coupled with a DALI control (sun sensors), or the ongoing overhaul of the exterior lighting on all car parks.

The ISO 50001 certification awarded today by AFNOR, rewards the careful management of energy by Aéroports de Lyon and its improvement in energy performance. Aéroports de Lyon is the first regional airport to receive this award and the third out of all French airports, after Paris CDG and Réunion-Rolland Garros.