Mallaghan Continues to Innovate and Elevate Aircraft Maintenance Platforms Across the Globe

Mallaghan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aviation ground support equipment, has launched a new variant of its successful Maintenance Platform Lift Trucks (MPLs) to complement the existing product range, the MPL32 v-deck.

The company, which has manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and at its Northern Ireland Headquarters and a further five locations globally, designs and develops MPLs to support aircraft maintenance programs across the globe.

Owen McKenna, Sales Director for Mallaghan commented: “At Mallaghan, we are committed to constantly innovating our product range in ways that allow our customers to be more safe, productive, and efficient.

“Our MPL units provide access to all areas of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, allowing maintenance teams to undertake work at height safely and efficiently.

“We are excited to launch the MPL32v as it showcases our flexibility and commitment to developing innovative products that support the needs of any customer.” McKenna added.

“The V-deck configuration is typically used to maintain mid-engine aircraft such as the MD11 used extensively by leading cargo and logistics companies such as FedEx and UPS.

“Additionally, the MPL32v boasts a suite of sensors and scanners to prevent contact with aircraft, an on-board compressor/generator to increase productivity, built-in camera to aid positioning, and V-deck platform to provide safe and stable workspace around mid-engine aircraft or vertical stabilizers.

“Our entire range of MPLs are built to a specification unique to the requirements of each of our customers and are praised for their innovation, reliability and durability.

“We have seen customers globally invest in GSE to ensure their readiness for an uplift in demand for commercial aviation as travel restrictions ease across the world in the coming months.

“Through the further development of our product range we look forward to supporting the aviation industry throughout its recovery and into the future.”

Mallaghan MPL units are already based at airports around the globe including Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Kuwait, Sydney, Dubai, Atlanta, Dallas and Louisville.

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