Mallaghan launches new electric belt loader

Mallaghan launches new electric belt loader
The new SkyBelt will be manufactured in Northern Ireland and the US (Image credit: Mallaghan)

Northern Irish GSE manufacturer Mallaghan has announced the launch of a new SkyBelt belt loader.

The company said the new, all-electric model is a highly capable, new conventional belt loader that capitalises on decades of experience and R&D efforts.

According to Mallaghan, development of the new SkyBelt model was motivated by a commitment to address “longstanding industry challenges” and “provide airlines with more efficient, reliable and sustainable ground handling solutions”.

It will be manufactured in Northern Ireland and the US.

Joe Griffith, chief commercial officer of Mallaghan, said: “Mallaghan is privileged and honoured to have worked closely with technical experts and airport operations stakeholders at Delta Air Lines for a number of years.

“By listening to our customers, we were able to refine the SkyBelt to perfectly match the needs of ramp operation and produce a robust, reliable solution.

“Our innovative SkyBelt will deliver several key benefits to customers, including reducing instances of aircraft damage, savings in ongoing maintenance costs, and most significantly, enhancing their sustainability credentials at a time when the industry is putting a collective focus on responsible business.

“This highly anticipated belt loader will become a mainstay of the US aviation industry and is being deployed already.”

Alex Blench, general manager of GSE central services at Delta Air Lines, added: “Mallaghan came to the table with solutions to long-standing problems and delivered on every single aspect of the design.

“What the team put together is certainly class leading – it’s a game changer”.

The new SkyBelt model has a patented lifting system and advanced sensor systems which Mallaghan claims greatly reduces the risk of accidental damage to aircraft during handling operations.

It comes equipped with a “unique” lifting system allowing for vertical boom movement without unintentional lateral movement.

The belt loader also has an auto-raise function to prevent contact with an aircraft during loading and unloading, and an automatic height adjustment system allowing for automated boom movement and tracking to the aircraft bin floor level as the aircraft’s height changes during unloading.

Customers will be able to choose from a range of additional features, including a collision avoidance system and collapsible or fixed handrails and package rails.

The fully electric belt loader forms a key part of Mallaghan’s commitment to promoting sustainability and achieving industry-wide environmental targets, the company said.

Deliveries began in 2023 and orders are currently running into 2025.