Man in wheelchair deemed a ‘security risk’ by Belfast Airport

Source: Belfast Telegraph.

A wheelchair user was recently turned away from Belfast Airport to board a flight to visit an ill relative after his wheelchair repair kit was considered a risk to the flight.

Steve Smithers was reportedly turned away at security after his kit, including two large-sized spanners, was discovered and deemed a flight risk.

Smithers was due to fly to London Gatwick Airport to visit his 79-year-old father who is due to start treatment for cancer soon.

The man claimed that airport staff told him the spanners could be used to dismantle the aircraft he was due to board.

He also claimed nobody in the airport was listen to his protest and the fact he had never received any problems regarding the kit before.

easyJet, the airline which Smithers was due to travel with, refunded him in full and offered additional compensation due to a delay in retrieving his bag.

Smithers stated he does not want to travel via aircraft ever again after the incident.