Miami Airport host new contemporary glass art exhibition

Contemporary Glass: From Sand to Art, a diverse exhibition of glass objects created by contemporary artists – including highlights from the world-class collection of Miami residents Myrna and Sheldon Palley – is now on display at Miami International Airport.

“Our airport serves as a prominent backdrop for the exchange of thoughts, people and cultures from around the world,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Director Lester Sola.

“Contemporary Glass: From Sand to Art, which is also a melting pot of people and cultures from around the globe in its own right, is just one example of how art imitates life – or vice versa – at Miami International Airport.”

Located near Gate D29, the new exhibition has been curated by Linda J. Boone and features works by renowned glass artists Latchezar Boyadjiev, Marek Brincko, Dale Chihuly, Keke Cribbs, Dan Dailey, Bohumil Elias, Jon Kuhn, John Lewis, John Miller, Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Joel Philip Myers, Robert Palusky and Toots Zynsky.

“In our ongoing effort to provide our passengers with unique art collections, we are proud to feature MIA’s first all-glass exhibition,” said Gendry Sherer, MIA Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Director. “We’ve also been able to assemble an impressive combination of works by many of the top names in the medium.”