Minor ramp collision occurs in East Midlands fog, reports claim

Two aircraft were involved in a minor ramp collision at East Midlands Airport this morning during foggy conditions, according to reports.

A passenger waiting to take off on another plane said one aircraft on the ground appeared to clip a stationary plane at about 07:50 BST.

The airport’s operator reportedly said that one of the aircraft was taxiing when it “made contact” with a stationary aircraft on 30 April and the incident took place on the central passenger apron.

Images posted on social media show the scene of the incident and ndicate that Boeing 737s operated by Ryanair and Jet2 were involved.

“There were no passengers on either aircraft and no one was injured,” the operator adds. “Flights are continuing as scheduled.”

The extent of any damage to the aircraft is yet to be confirmed.

A spokesman for the airport said it involved Ryanair and Jet2 planes but there were no passengers on board either at the time.

The airport said some flights had been delayed due to the foggy conditions.

(Image: Jason Gwynn)