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Norway: All short-haul flights will be electric-powered by 2040

Norway has ‘promised’ that all short-haul flights leaving the country will be operated by electric aircraft in an ambitious drive towards changing the face of airline travel in Scandinavia.

According to a feature on the BBC’s futurenow section, the transport minister in the country, Ketil Solvik-Olsen and the head of Avinor, the Norwegian airport operator, took a flight on an electric aircraft earlier this summer.

The electric-powered aircraft was built by a company named Pipistrel; the flight lasted only a few minutes around Norway.

The country wants to see all short-haul flights leaving its airports to be operated by electric aircraft in just over twenty years time. But, as the BBC report makes sense, no company is currently manufacturing airliner-sized electric aircraft.

Current models of electric aircraft can manage flights of up to fifteen minutes and fit only a select number of passengers.