OCEM completes a full AGL supply to London City Airport

London! Europe’s financial centre and the most diverse melting pot of habits and cultures – is served from 5 airports, 4 of them surround the city, and one resides in the metropolis: London City Airport.

London City Airport is at the heart of the city of London located in the docklands area where power is at a premium in terms of consumption. In this regards OCEM LED Lighting was perfectly fit for purpose, significantly reducing the power consumption of the airside operations at London City Airport whilst providing state of the art intensity performance through its world renowned Airfield Ground Lighting LED Units.

OCEM was chosen by the principles of London City Airport among other hardened competitors, thanks to the quality of the LED related fittings and the fact that OCEM have a complete portfolio of AGL products delivering long term performance every time.

The entire project lasted 1 year and OCEM provided a full AGL supply including their latest versions of control CCRS. The client is very satisfied with their AGL assets and OCEM is grateful for their trust and appreciation of the LED Products that have been installed. LCY now have less maintenance, better performance, and use less power.

OCEM, one of the leading players in the AGL LED field, is a global company with over 1,150 airports served worldwide and covering 9 regional active sales and technical support centres. Ocem are committed to an evolution process that is constantly branching out and expanding through its state of the art electronics technology.

In this regard OCEM continues to broaden its business overseas and together with its subsidiaries Multi Electric and Augier, they have branched into new market segments. Most recently OCEM have entered into the United States in a big way through manufacturing and continue to provide excellent customer service to all segments of the airport construction market involved in Infrastructure throughout the world.

In London City Airport another OCEM project is handed over, an assets investment that will continue years into the future and now forms a part of the infrastructure of London.