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Panus’ new $8 million facility for electric ground support vehicles

Panus Assembly, owner of the Bliss-Fox brand, has begun construction on its new factory for electric Ground Support Equipment (GSE), in Chonburi, Thailand.

The new Panus facility will be used for manufacturing E-GSE and electric-vehicles, including aircraft towing tractors and other conventional e-vehicles.

The construction works which started last month (February 26), should be completed in under two-years and the development is expected to cost $8 million, fully funded by Panus Assembly’s auto-funding.

Bliss-Fox Aircraft Tractor F1-500

Panus’ new E-GSE facility will create between 150 to 200 new jobs and opportunities for people living in Chonburi.

Bliss-Fox, Panus have products across 35 countries worldwide. As well as manufacturing, the company also maintains, repairs, refurbishes and lease GSE.