Paralympic athlete left ‘stranded’ on Ryanair flight as crew leave

A Paralympic athlete has recounted how she was left ‘stranded’ on board an empty Ryanair aircraft at Stansted Airport in London as the flight crew seemingly forgot about her.

Anne Wafula Strike posted on social media how she was forgotten about by staff although she had booked special assistance weeks in advance.

She stated she also had to wait longer for her luggage.

Strike made a reference to Frank Gardener, a disabled BBC reporter who was also left stranded on a flight at Heathrow Airport without assistance. Gardener also posted about his experience on social media.

Since recounting her experience on Twitter, other users have written to her to explain that they were too left without assistance.

The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK recently released a report that demonstrated the focus, attention and relevant support for PRM equipment and services was increasing.

Many airports in the UK were labelled as ‘very good’ in regards to catering for disabled passengers.

Stories such as the ones reported by Strike and Gardener do, however, hamper the state of catering for PRM passengers in the industry and how airlines operate for all of its passengers.