Poul Elvstrøm Appointed VP of ITW GSE

ITW GSE, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. announces change in the leadership.

Effective September 1st 2022 Poul Elvstrøm (52) is appointed Vice President / General Manager of ITW GSE.

Poul joined GSE in 1998 and has over the years advanced through a series of roles, latest as VP, Global Sales & Marketing.

Poul brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a long record of division leadership.

With his global sales responsibility for the ITW ground support equipment group of companies, he led the process of implementing a global single brand strategy completed in 2018 uniting the brands of Hobart, AXA Power, Trilectron, J&B Aviation, and Houchin into one division: ITW GSE.

Undertaking the VP/GM position Poul and his family will continue to reside in Denmark.

After 38 years of dedicated service to Illinois Tool Works and the GSE Division, Henrik Olssonhas decided to step down from his role of VP / GM and will take on a reduced set of responsibilities in ITW.

Henrik was appointed VP / GM for the global division in 2012 and has been developing the GSE division into a true ITW role model.

Henrik has over the years been known for his solid results, and in addition to his skills as strategic and creative thinker, he has performed a leadership based on trust and empowerment.

To the benefit of the employees Henrik is known for his many initiatives for the employee´s well-being – always walking the talk himself.

He implemented daily exercise during work hours, which is now a great part of the company’s DNA and has enhanced the team spirit.

It is not only greatly recognized by the employees, but also resulted in ITW GSE being awarded the recognition as the “Healthiest company in Denmark” in 2013.

Henrik will continue within ITW in a new role as 80/20 Toolbox Coach – EU Region.

In his new position Henrik will leverage his ITW Business Model expertise and knowledge sharing to provide hands-on support to ITW´s European based divisions within the Specialty Products segment.

David Feuga, from our ITW GSE Dubai branch office, is appointed Global Sales Director as per September 1st, 2022 and will take over Poul’s responsibility of the Global Sales and Marketing.

Poul Elvstrøm visions an exciting future ahead for the GSE division.

ITW GSE has a unique culture and at our core is the talent and dedication of our people.

We focus on what we do best, and we strive to do it better than anyone else. Green solutions to the aviation industry have never been more relevant than it is today.

The division has many innovative ideas in the pipeline, which can help airports and airlines to meet their targets for reducing emissions.

“Travel is key to world economic growth and with the increase in middle class population in some of the world’s most populated regions, passenger numbers are foreseen to increase”, he says.

“And we are pleased to be able to contribute making it possible to travel in a more sustainable way.”