Report: ‘Overstretched’ Asian airports embrace tech as pax numbers rise

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A newly published report has stated that airports in Asia are ‘overstretched’ as they prepare themselves to welcome 4bn passengers in the near future.

The report, published by Nikkei Asian Review, casts a spotlight on rising passenger figures at airports in the fast-developing continent.

The feature notes that many leading airports in the continent, such as Singapore’s Changi airport, are embracing the latest technology in order to prepare for the influx of flyers.

At Changi, specifically, digital control towers and digital air traffic management, is being pushed forward in order to maximise efficient operations.

The article forecasts that passenger numbers in the Asia-Pacific region will reach as high as 4bn by 2037. This will be the new annual rate of fliers in the region.

Nikkei Asian Review states that in some areas of the continent, airport development, specifically construction of hard infrastructure, is not developing in line with the expected number of travelers in the near future.

The full report can be read here. Ronald Schaffer, an executive at IATA, stated it is ‘mandatory reading.’