Richmond International Airport’s ticket counters light up with ribbon displays

Richmond International Airport, in Virginia, will no longer use the individual monitors for ticket counters like most airports.

Now it uses two 4-millimeter LED ribbon video displays, measuring 150 feet long, designed and manufactured by Daktronics.

The full-color video ribbon displays were selected in consideration of the available space in the ticket canopy as well as the desired design aesthetics. The airport hired Gresham Smith and its consultants for architectural and engineering design services.

Eric Sweet, senior interior designer at Gresham Smith, said: “From a wayfinding point of view, the displays are far more intuitive. People are naturally drawn to light. With these displays, people can read content easier from a greater distance and almost instantly recognize the present airline brands by color.”

Russ Peaden, director of airport real estate and facilities at RIC, said their CEO wanted to upgrade and modernize the area to improve its appearance and sign each airline individually with queuing lanes. Mr Peaden agrees that the displays have made for an easier air travel experience, just in time for the holidays.

He said: “If I had to do it again, it would be an easy decision. If anyone asked me, I’d be the first to say to talk to Daktronics. We’ve had nothing but success.”

Daktronics is also creating custom content for the airport, which can be shown in segments to reinforce airline branding and call attention to available car rental companies.

Photo credit: Daktronics