Riyadh Airports appoints new Chief Executive

Riyadh Airports Company announced their board of directors, led by Dr Mansour bin Abdulaziz Al-Mansour, has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer.

Sami Al-Hussaini—appointed as chief executive—was the former executive vice president of the commercial sector at Riyadh Airports.

He directed company investments, business developments and assets, as well as managing air cargo traffic, facilities and leasing projects. Mr Al-Hussaini also supervised the launch of services aiming to enhance passenger experience through King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

Riyadh Airports Company was established as part of the airport’s privatization program, and is responsible for operating King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. The company plans on developing King Khalid International Airport, operating within the highest international standards, to be a key airport worldwide.

The new chief executive said he appreciates the board support in alignment with the country privatization plans to the aviation sector in the kingdom.

Photo credit: Riyadh Airports