Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to close runway 18C-36C for six weeks

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has announced it will be closing its runway 18C-36C for scheduled maintenance works, between March 10 and April 21.

While the runway is closed, air traffic will use runway 09-27 flight routes more frequently, depending on weather conditions. In very exceptional cases, aircraft may need to use runway 18L-36R during night hours.

18C-36C will have new asphalt, markings, lighting and cabling and around 200 employees will be working in different crews 24 hours a day to ensure the runway is not closed any longer than necessary. Schiphol will be carrying out these activities in collaboration with Heijmans.

The scheduled maintenance was announced on the Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (Bas) early this year. To ensure that this period does not overrun, Schiphol will be carrying out the various maintenance works on the runway and taxiways simultaneously.

Following the end of the major maintenance work on 18C-36C, sweeping work is scheduled to take place on 10 nights in the period from 21 April through to 9 May. The effect of these activities is expected to be minimal on runway use given that it is not used frequently at night.

Feature image by Aviation 24