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Ryanair claims air traffic control ‘discriminates’ against London Stansted

Ryanair is claiming that British air traffic control is ‘discriminating’ against its operations at London Stansted Airport.

According to a report in The Telegraph, the low-cost carrier based in Ireland, claims that figures obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority ‘confirms’ that air traffic control is giving Heathrow ‘special treatment’ over Stansted.

The carrier also claims that Gatwick is also preferred to London Stansted, an airport in which Ryanair have a large presence.

NATS, the air traffic control provider in the UK, disputes the claims and said that it does not discriminate between airlines and airports.

A spokesperson for NATS, as noted by the report, remarked that Ryanair’s performance over the summer cannot be attributed to air traffic control.

Ryanair are not only airline blaming air traffic control for delays and poor performance over the busy summer period.