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Saab showcases latest Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite at Airport Show 2022

Saab, a leading defence and security company in the UAE, is showcasing its innovative Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite at the Airport Show 2022 in Dubai.

Saab’s I-ATS is a next-generation solution that builds on widely deployed ATC automation products.

I-ATS is a flexible and scalable platform that provides tower and approach controllers with a comprehensive integrated set of tools to safely and efficiently manage traffic flow.

Commenting on the company’s paticipation at the show, David A. Shomar, VP Civil Security, MENA operations at Saab, said: “We are delighted to showcase our ATM suite offering to our UAE and regional customers at the renowned Airport Show in Dubai.

“In particular, the Saab integrated controller working positions offer a streamlined vision and ease of use enabling controllers to manage the airspace environment more proficiently.”

“Our digital tower technology is another advanced feature that complements air traffic management when used in a Contingency Center assuring continued safe operations.”