SAHCO acquires eco-friendly electric tractors for its ramp operations

By Omokolade Ajayi,

Aviation ground handling company, Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) PLC has acquired a new fleet of eco-friendly ground handling equipment to boost its operations.

According to a press release issued by the aviation handling company, the new fleet of Ground Handling Equipment which was manufactured by Charlatte Manutention, is fully electric, making them very eco-friendly as the world continues to battle global warming.

The French-made electric tractors are all designed with strong, reliable components to stand any type of climate. SAHCO is the first Aviation Ground Handling Company in Nigeria to acquire this latest model of technology.

What you should know

The electric tractors require little maintenance and use rechargeable batteries, thereby making them cost-effective compared to diesel-powered tractors.

They are also ergonomically designed which makes making maneuvering on the ramp easy which is essential to provide safe speedy and efficient services to clients.

Furthermore, the tractors are built to be rugged, reliable, and suitable for the rugged terrain of the Nigerian climate. The zero-emission ground support equipment is environmentally friendly machines that do not emit air pollutants, they are also noiseless to the users.

Why this matters

It is important to note that the acquisition of these electric tractors by SAHCO is a laudable effort, as the environmental purchase made by the company is a giant stride which mitigates environmental pollution.

This reiterates the need for sustainable procurement or environmental purchases by Nigerian companies, as it leads to optimal performance with less impact on the environment and human health, as the purchases will help to reduce emission coming from the use of fossil fuel in a bid to curb pollution and ecological disturbance.