SAHCO deploys modern equipment to boost operations

Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) Plc ultra-modern Aviation Ground Handling Equipment fleet has expanded with the addition of universal loaders, tractors, container dollies, canopied passenger steps, conveyor belt loaders and air starter units.

French Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maker, Air Marrel in France manufactured the new universal loaders which are 7,000 tonnes lower and main deck loaders.

The GSEs are well-matched with the latest compatible standards and can be used to load both pallets and containers. The loaders are also equipped with aircraft approach sensors that minimises accident or damage to the aircraft body by restricting contact.

The three ruggedly built GSEs also known as E-LAM 7,000, are fitted with tier 4 Deutz engines and the capacity to travel long distances that makes them compatible with Nigerian terrains and long-distanced tarmac. The E-LAM 7,000s can similarly be used for loading at both the front Cargo hold and the rear Cargo hold.

In addition, SAHCO acquired three Air Starter Units (ASU) equipment from Guinault, a GSE manufacturer resident in France. The ASUs can power both wide-body and narrow-body aircraft. They are also fitted with tier 4 Deutz engines with low emissions of carbon monoxide and are built to produce 180 pounds per minute of power.

Basil Agboarumi, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SAHCO, said SAHCO is committed to always providing safe, speedy and efficient services for clients and prospective clients.

“Furthermore, as SAHCO clients are expanding their routes, we are also ensuring that we are exceeding their expectations by expanding our fleets too.

“We are constantly training our staff both abroad and locally to learn how to operate and maintain these new equipment so as to maximize their productivity,” Agboarumi said.

Source: The Guardian Nigeria