Ground Handling

SAHCO seeks duty waiver for ground handling operators  due to high inflation

The South African Handling Company (SAHCO) is calling on the government to grant a duty waiver for ground handling operators as the country faces high inflation.

Ground handling is a vital service in the aviation industry, responsible for the safe and efficient handling of aircraft on the ground. However, the high cost of fuel and other operational expenses has put a significant strain on ground handling operators, leading to financial difficulties.

In light of this, SAHCO is requesting a duty waiver to help alleviate the financial burden on ground handling operators. This would allow them to continue providing their essential services to the aviation industry while also helping to keep the costs of air travel down for consumers.

The government has yet to respond to SAHCO’s request, but the company remains hopeful that a duty waiver will be granted. In the meantime, SAHCO is continuing to work closely with its members to find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

High inflation can have a negative impact on many industries, including the aviation sector. By granting a duty waiver, the government can help support ground handling operators and ensure the continued growth of the industry. It is important for the government to consider this request and take action to support the industry.