Ground Handling

SAL & Emirates SkyCargo announce ground handling agreement

The Saudi Arabian Logistics company SAL has announced the signing of Cargo Ground Handling agreement with air cargo company, Emirates.

SAL’s CEO, Omar Hariri commented: “This cooperation with the leading Emirates SkyCargo as a logistic partner will have a positive effect on the flow of cargo operations at all our main stations in the Kingdom.

“We take pride in this partnership which will boost the traffic of goods into the Kingdom and also cargo from our domestic airports loaded into Emirates’ aircrafts where we have placed all logistic capabilities and resources including equipment and manpower to serve our mutual strategic objectives.”

Hariri also highlighted the long track record of cooperation between Emirates SkyCargo and ground handling division at Saudia Cargo prior to the privatization of the sector when SAL has taken over all ground handling duties at all main airports in the Kingdom.

“Saudi Arabia is considered a market with high interest to Emirates SkyCargo and we have strong business relation with SAL.” Nabil Sultan, Divisional Senior Vice President at Emirates said.

We look forward, through the extension of this ground handling agreement, to continue our partnership and offer a rich and value-adding logistic services to our clientele in this market.

“We are confident that our operations will run smoothly and seamlessly due to SAL’s unique handling capabilities, which will consequently, bolster trade and cargo operations between the two countries.”