Schiphol Airport starts facial recognition boarding for Seamless Flow

Passengers traveling with Cathay Pacific can participate in a trial of facial recognition self-boarding at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

This trial is part of the first phase of Seamless Flow to make paperless travel possible in the long term, allowing passengers to self-process without having to show any documents. The next phase will add passport control to the trial.

Miguel Leitmann, chief executive officer for Vision-Box, said: “The whole idea of Seamless Flow is to modernize the airport landscape to improve the convenience, simplify the processes, propose modern interactions and deliver effective value to passengers.”

Passengers will use a dedicated biometric-enabled eGate, where they look at a facial scanner camera. The live photo is then automatically compared with the scan before the gate opens for boarding.

Wilma van Dijk, safety and security director for Schiphol, said: “Now you have to show your passport, your boarding card or both at various checkpoints at the airport, for example, when dropping your luggage, at the entrance to the security check, when passing the border and when you go boarding.

“In the future you can pass these control points more smoothly because you are recognized by your face. You can leave your passport and boarding pass in the bag.”

A partnership has been established by the Dutch Government, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Cathay Pacific, KLM and Vision-Box, who is responsible for the seamless flow technology platform.