Schiphol renews EMBs and invests in digital transformation of deicing operations

On behalf of Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), Volker has contracted JCAII to deliver Icelink® and Icelink® SmartPad®, including its latest generation of Electronic Message Boards (EMBs).

This investment by the Airport is an evolution in the cooperation between Schiphol Airport and JCAII since 2011.

Icelink® and Icelink SmartPad® represent a software and hardware upgrade, after over a decade of success with JCAII’s previous product generation.

Schiphol’s deicing facility will have the world’s latest and most advanced deicing coordination solution built upon the Icelink® solution. Icelink® facilitates further efficiency in winter operations with enhanced connectivity and full real-time integrations.

These include connectivity between dispatch and deicing crews/trucks, Flight Deck, docking, weather, FIDS, AODB, A-SMGCS, and A-CDM to provide a complete real time performance status for business intelligence.

The new EMB installation was completed ‘on-time’ before the 1 October 2022, season started and will support full Icelink® SmartPad® automation.

“Schiphol has worked with JCAII for over a decade, and we are pleased with the reliability, performance, and overall value of its solutions,” Willem de Weijze, Project Manager, Schiphol Projects.

“It was clear that a reinvestment in JCAII / Icelink® will provide seamless connectivity and improve data intelligence needed towards achieving further safety and efficiency in winter operations JCAIIs ability to deliver a long-term proven solution within a short delivery timeframe.

“We are excited and look forward to expanding with the future proofed Icelink® solution.”

JCAII is pleased to welcome Schiphol as the latest member of the Icelink® family of users.

Schiphol is again the first in Europe with the most advanced Deicing Technology in the industry.

“Icelink® is being deployed globally and we are engaged in supporting growth and adoption of the solution across a wide customer base,” Jeff Campbell, JCAII President.

“As we innovate new features, functionality, and integrations, we are looking forward to direct engagement from the entire Icelink® community towards collaborative product road mapping.

“It is exciting to be delivering safety and efficiency as part of digital transformation in the airline industry.

“We value all our relationships and are grateful of this further endorsement by Schiphol.”

The patented Icelink® and Icelink® SmartPad® solutions are being deployed globally and introduced into several major airlines, airports, and service providers during the 2022/23 season.