Seletar Airport has begun operations at new terminal

Seletar Airport started operations at its new passenger terminal this week.

All operations have been transferred from the old terminal, situated at the west of the Seletar aerodrome, to the new one at the east. The new passenger terminal welcomed its first passengers today through the business aviation wing of the terminal.

The new terminal is also ready to handle scheduled commercial flights and all scheduled turboprop flights in Singapore will have to operate from the new terminalfrom 1 December 2018.

Seletar Airport meets the relevant requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization on airport design and operations.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore has certified that the new facilities and infrastructure at Seletar Airport are ready for aircraft operations. These include both scheduled and non-scheduled services.

On the airside, three parking stands adjacent to the new terminal enable quick boarding for passengers of commercial flights, and a faster turnaround time for the aircraft.

Another 60 aircraft stands are located elsewhere in the airside of Seletar Airport, serving business and general aviation needs.

The new terminal includes the Seletar Business Aviation Centre, which comprises a separate drop-off area and a dedicated check-in and lounge area where business aviation passengers can enjoy quick pre-departure and arrival clearance in a comfortable setting.

The facility also provides meeting facilities on the second level where passengers can conduct meetings in a conducive environment before their departure.

Mr See Seng Wan, General Manager of Seletar Airport, said, “Today marks a new phase for Seletar Airport, which has served Singapore since the 1920s.

We are pleased that the new passenger terminal is operationally ready on schedule. It will provide better comfort to passengers and visitors, in a pleasant terminal that is easy to use.

With the new facilities, we look forward to providing a new level of travel experience to our passengers at Seletar Airport.”