Sheremetyevo Airport Prepares Infrastructure and Equipment for Sustainable Winter Operations

Sheremetyevo International Airport has switched to its autumn-winter flight schedule, which will be in effect until March 27, 2021. During the winter navigation period, regular flights from Sheremetyevo will operate on 74 routes (60 domestic and 14 international).

Sheremetyevo Airport has carried out a set of measures to prepare the airfield and equipment for the upcoming autumn-winter period. More than 200 special vehicles and machinery will be used to sustainably support takeoff and landing operations and maintain the airfield complex in operational condition in any weather. These include trailed and self-propelled plow and brush equipment, distributors of liquid and granular deicing agents, rotary milling snow blowers, tractors and bulldozers for airfield operations, and rescue vehicles and equipment. More than 430 pieces of equipment will be used for ground handling of aircraft, including 40 deicing machines and 71 airfield heaters.           

Sheremetyevo has obtained metrological certification of the devices for measuring the friction coefficient for the safe operation of the airfield during the autumn-winter period, and a minimum level of supply of deicing reagents was established to prevent ice formation on the artificial surfaces of the airfield. A set of measures was carried out to inspect the drainage infrastructure and detect any defects in the airfield’s artificial surfaces.        

Buildings and structures, in-terminal equipment of JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport, engineering networks and communications have also been prepared for winter operation. The technical, sanitary and fire-safety conditions of mechanical and utility rooms has been inspected, and engineering and technical-services employees have been trained and certified under the preparation programs for winter operations.

photo: Aleksandr Markin