Ground Handling

South, the new handling company of the IAG group, will operate in 38 Spanish airports

South (South Europe Ground Services S.L.U.)

South (South Europe Ground Services S.L.U.), the new handling subsidiary of the IAG Group, will operate in 38 Spanish airports with a workforce of 8,700 employees (8,200 from Iberia Airport Services) and will provide services to more than 100 companies in the aforementioned airports, with Madrid being the airport with the largest concentration (50).

In addition, it will provide services to third parties at 30 of these airports and will provide autohandling services at eight of them.

With all this, it expects to serve more than 400,000 weighted aircraft and to grow at a rate of between 2 and 4% per year, in line with the average figure for the sector.

The company, which was registered at the Madrid Commercial Registry on 19 February, will provide ramp and passenger handling services to the Spanish companies of the IAG Group (Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling and Level) at all national airports and passenger handling services to British Airways, Air Nostrum and Aer Lingus; as well as services to third party companies at the airports where Iberia Airport Services obtained a licence in the last Aena tender.

The public deed of segregation of Iberia’s handling activity in favour of South was formalised today, having been deposited at the Mercantile Registry, complying with the necessary legal formalities for the transfer of the independent economic unit that brings together the handling activity and which includes all its employees.

South is born after the agreement reached between Iberia and the trade unions last February and does so as a strong, solvent and independent company whose value proposition is leveraged on the knowledge and experience accumulated in the past years of operation by Iberia’s Airport Management and whose objective is to guarantee a sustainable and competitive future for the handling business and its 8,700 workers.

The workforce integrated in the new operation is mainly concentrated in the hubs of Madrid – where more than 3,500 people operate – and Barcelona, with more than 1,500, which between them represents 60% of the total.

The rest of the workers are divided proportionally to the volume of service between the remaining 36 airports.

Miguel Ángel Gimeno – CEO of South: “Our leadership position, together with a professional team of more than 8,000 employees and the experience we have accumulated, makes us believe that we are going to write a page of success in the global handling business in the coming years”.