SSP opens new coffee shop at Frankfurt Airport

SSP is building on its perfect day coffee franchise at Frankfurt Airport with the launch of its new perfect day micro shop.

Located airside in Hall A, Terminal 1 at Departure Gate 34 and providing excellent views onto the runway, perfect day micro offers customers a wide range of food and beverages.

It will serve passengers from 5:30am to 10pm to coincide with the opening hours of the flagship perfect day outlet located in Hall A at Departure Gate 14.

Dominique V. Dauster, CEO of perfect day, said: “Coffee is our major focus. Our exclusive blend Kerala Shakti originates from jungle plantations in India, and the unique cultivation method guarantees the coffee’s distinctive taste.

Our range of food and beverages also meets the demands of nutrition-conscious consumers who seek an alternative to conventionally produced meals.”

Living up to its claim to offer “Coffee culture and fresh delight”, perfect day has won numerous national and international awards for its high-quality coffee, sustainability and design.

Its cooperation with SSP as a franchise partner began in 2008, and the brand is now a firmly established feature within Frankfurt Airport’s gastronomic scene.

“Following a decade of successful collaboration with perfect day, we are now building on this experience,” said Jan Kamp, Director of Business Development & Properties SSP DACH.

“Frankfurt Airport benefits from its mix of international brands and regional brands such as perfect day, where a passion for excellent coffee is really valued by customers.”